Looking for suggestions for this blog

Know any entertaining learning links could we add?

Have any suggestions for learning resources to include?

Ideas for new sections for the blog?

Any great info to share that we could post?

Let’s hear from you!  Just click “comments” and post.

(This post is moderated.)

13 responses

  1. You could make a place where people can wright and share peoms and short stories!

  2. paiges idea is good really really good

  3. What if we had a game called Mr.T’s Ties. You would choose a scene and dress Mr.T in a tie that matches the scene.

  4. To encourage students to use and explore this site you could include information shared on the blog as bonus questions during exams or assignments within the classroom.

    Also there could be online classroom polls where students or parents can vote on upcoming events, activities or just for fun creating stats within the classroom.

  5. Sharon:

    Your idea to add polls was great – so we decided to try it!

    In the “Debates” section of our blog, see
    “What’s your favourite recess snack?”

  6. Paige:

    Another great idea!

    You can try it out now.
    In the “Projects” section, select “Want to write a story with a friend?”

    Thanks for the suggestion…

  7. You could have a place where people could ask any kind of questions,for example: Can squids change colour? Then you could have a place where people can answer the question and if they wanted to they could end the answer with a fact for example: Yes,squids can change colour.In fact they can change colour in a fraction of a second!This could answer questions people have allways wanted to know the answer to! You could call it something like Everything About Anything.

  8. I do have an idea but I was wondering Who Sharon was? Anyway I thought that you could have an area where you could do a fun quiz with questions like ”Does the classroom have chalkboards or whiteboards.”

  9. There should be a place where people reccomend music

  10. You could suggest types of pets to buy or places to shop and things to buy there.

  11. You could reccomend parts of this blog!

  12. We should have a place where we could listen to music,watch the music video(If it’s appropriate) and have lyrics!

  13. I think you should add a comic link like some website where you can make your own comics.

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