What if…?

Here’s your chance to imagine.

Think of a way to fill in the blank and post it here!

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64 responses

  1. What if all the teachers in the world got changed into mice with cheese flavoured shorts?

  2. what if we had to go to school for the rest of our lives

  3. That would be really boring! what if teachers let us eat candy,zone out and listen to music on ipods all day!

  4. Paige that would RULE!!! What if life became 2-D?

  5. what if no 1 could watch tv ever again ?

  6. i would never want that to happen in my life!!!

  7. Paige’s idea about the candy and the ipod really rocks but she forgot something.What if we could build on a mall to the classroom with all our favourite shops and stores!

  8. What if humans were dogs’ pets? We would be walked everyday by poodles and pugs with shopping bags and cell phones or big german shepherds with lumberjack shirts.We’d all be wearing diamond collars and eating kibble.

  9. tristan it would be fun ta live in 2D

  10. What if textbooks were candy, then if we got bored we could just go and eat the textbooks!

  11. what would happen if the teachers ruled the world?

  12. what if computers started attacking teachers

  13. I don’t want the teachers to rule the world because that would ruin the world!!!!!!! I wish that my lazy pet rabbit, Bunjamin Dabbit ruled the world

    p.s. Hi!

  14. What if we all spoke in Og?

  15. What if we kids had to work, and adults had to go to school? And what if the kids were the teachers? That would be AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. What if there was a spray that turned nasty veggies like Brussels sprouts into CANDY !!!^_^THAT WOULD BE FUNNY AND YUMMY

  17. What if there was such thing as a Mr Tasoarus?

  18. hey jewels – i came up with mr. tasoarus! its in my four page story.

    what if we were fruit?

  19. what if we had faces like this …….. 🙂

  20. what if i become a billionaire and gave you guys/girls millions of dollars ❤ ❤ ❤

  21. what if our class room was West Edmonton Mall

  22. What if ice cream disappeared but we found the yummiest thing ever called gloopa circles?

  23. I want a gloopa circle………

  24. Mmmmmmmmmmm gloopa circles.
    What if all our cats turned into humans and we turned into cats!?

  25. What if Griffin’s “what if” came true but then they found something even yummier than gloopa circles called Miji Balls (Mee-Jee)

  26. YYYYYYYYYUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMM Tristan!!!! What if everyone started liking veggies?

    P.S I’m veggie proof!!!!

  27. Hi Momo! what if all the houses but not yours or mine…MoMo…were malls?????????!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. what if i didn’t have a paper heart

  29. what if all the children were the parents and the parents were the children?

  30. Hello sarah, I want my bedroom to be a mall!

    P.S. (Bye sarah!)


  32. What if I
    ruled the world
    revenge ha!ha!ha!

  33. what if pokemon were real? (i would choose torchic or chimchar)

  34. What if the Great Depression was still
    here today?

    P.S. great report Koa!!!:)

  35. What if pigs could fly?

  36. What if plants could walk?

  37. What if there was no such thing as war?

  38. what if there were tv goggles so you could watch tv when you put on your glasses????

  39. What if we all spoke
    (P.S i love the book og)

  40. what if we were
    ruled by dogs like
    dogs walk us????????????????????????????????????????

  41. What if we never

  42. What if………….wait
    i have to go bye ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. ally and jewels

    What if the class had to eat the disgusting revolting toxic pile of mush{cookie} me and jewels made!!!!!!!

  44. what if we could go inside video games?

  45. That would be so cool! What if everyday was april fools? Then everybody wouold be pranked all the time!

  46. Dave Brougham

    What if…kids could drive cars? Chaos, maby. But maby parents could send the kids to the grocery store for ice-cream!

  47. what if there were no sports?????
    that would be a disaster!!!!! 🙂

  48. I think the cartooning was fun!!!!!!!

    What I liked:
    I liked haviing a real cartoonist come in and I liked learning about the inking and stuff!

    Why I liked it:
    Well DUH! it’s ART!

    The bad bits:
    We didn’t work well together at first and didn’t get things done that quick:(

    By the way I just want to thank Sarah, Jack and Charlie!

  49. Hi Mr T
    Sai here – What if we were a comic! What would
    we do!!!!!!!!!

  50. What if banana’s were blue and you didn’t know and one day your mom packed you a banana what would you do?

  51. What if you could not eat and drink.What if the ocean dried up. We would all be dead.

  52. what if the world wasn’t round????

  53. all this makes me scream!!!!!!


  54. What if we all had no mouths

  55. olivia how would banana’s go blue?!

  56. What if all the toys in the world became alive and ate us????? And what if popcorn had to be eaten before it was popped and then it popped in your mouth??
    P.S If we had no mouths Alaina, we wouldn’t be able to say that Olivia’s bananas aren’t blue! 😉

  57. The Awesome One Who Goes By The Name Becky

    Oh, and what if you could read a really good book, and then be your favorite character in it?! That would be so COOL!!!

  58. cool!!!!!! Becky

  59. The Awesome One Who Goes By The Name Becky

    Thanks Kalia! 😉

  60. What if Mr. T was 20 feet tall and acted like Godzilla
    PS it’s a what if!

  61. The Awesome One Who Goes By The Name Becky

    That would be scary, Jasmine…..

  62. What if lightsabers from Star Wars, were real? Then we could cut off the heads of the people that we don’t like! 😉

  63. Just like King Henry the 8th did in medieval times, except he did it to some of his wives, and he didn’t use lightsabers, he got a be-header guy to do it with an axe….

  64. Oh, and what if we had a computer chip placed in our brain and we could listen to the radio in our heads because of it! And when you wanted to go to a certain station, you would just roll your eyes, like twisting the dial!!!

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