Debate topic: Which are better, cats or dogs?

Which do you prefer?  Woof or meow!  Why?

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70 responses

  1. Cats are better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I believe cats are better than dogs because they can be played with and can be snuggled with. Unlike dogs which seem to be never calm. Dogs can also be a problem.

  3. cats i love da cute lil kitties there so cute

  4. i like dogs because you dont really have to worry about them and sttuff like that.. now with cats there a little easier than dogs so i say both are better

  5. Hey! These posts are all for cats (Yay, cats!)

    But isn’t there anyone out there who’s going to give a good “shout out” for the noble dog?

  6. I think cats,mainly because a dog chewed on my leg when I was two so…I would like dogs better but I’ve had…Bad experiences with them

  7. Dogs are better because dos are very loyal,loving ,they go for long walks,you can travel more with them and they LOVE people!!!!!!

  8. Sarah’s Mom here! I love both, I know I can’t help it! I love cats because they can be more independent and cuddly and are calming influences, and I love dogs because they are unconditionally loving and they forgive easily and they lick you when you are sad!
    Our dog does, anyway!!!

  9. cats 4 dogs 2

  10. Dogs are wwwaaayyy better than cats because dogs can be played with and snuggled with.Cats are also very selFISH and will only be nice if they get what they want but i can and must be OK with nutty Paige’s and Sai’s cat.Bye-Bye my friends, Bye-Bye!

  11. Cats are NOT selfish! At least my cat isn’t! Cats love humans just as much as dogs do. (Again, at least my cat does) My cat always hangs around me and my family and it looks like she would WAY rather be a human than a cat. CATS RULE!!!! (dogs do too, i want to get one too.)

  12. dogs are better

  13. I agree with Jacob.

  14. I think both (but mostly cats) because my dog just got hit by a car. 😦 And I love my cats a lot they are very sweet but dogs are fun to run around with so definitely both 🙂

  15. Cats are NOT selfish! At least my cat isn’t! Cats love humans just as much as dogs do. (Again, at least my cat does) My cat always hangs around me and my family and it looks like she would WAY rather be a human than a cat. CATS RULE!!!! (dogs do too, i want to get one too.)

    I think both (but mostly cats) because my dog just got hit by a car. And I love my cats a lot they are very sweet but dogs are fun to run around with so definitely both

  16. cats cuz of my cat max thinking of him some times makes me cry 😦

  17. Hi, Dogs ROCK! you can take dogs with you just about anywhere. Dogs are super loyal and loving. They love to help out as guide dogs, rescue dogs etc. Ever seen a cat sniff out and find a lost snowboarder…NOT!
    Cats are okay but Dogs are much better.

  18. cats are better.

  19. Actually dogs are.

  20. Cat are better because they are soft and cuddly.

  21. this is not about the debate but to all cat lovers if you want to see another cat there is 1 that visits are school so you can see the cat if you want but please dont hurt it!

  22. 3 words… D O G…or C A T… I DON’T KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well actaly that would be 10 words…

  23. Ryan…Dogs are cuddly and soft too!!!!!

    Here is a tip if you’re voting for cats:

    You “cats are better” people will only win with a good reason…so explain why and then you might win.Who knows?


  24. Dogs are loyal and care giving!!

  25. i change my answer i vote dogs!!!

  26. cats.. because cats are smaller than dog, so it kinda look cuter than dogs..
    but, i think both of them are cute…

  27. the smallest dog in the world is smaller then the worlds smallest cat!

  28. The smallest dog in the world could fit into a half sized cup.

  29. DOGS ROCK!

  30. I HATE DOGS !!!!!!!!!!!

  31. I LOVE DOGS!They rock i had 2 dogs one ranaway the other one died but it was great having dogs they are loyal they protect you and you can always count on them!

  32. I like dogs and cats

  33. I like cats and dogs, but i think cats overrule!

  34. cats rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. I like dogs because they’re cute and cuddly.

  36. DOGS ARE AWESOME BECAUSE I HAVE ONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  37. dogs and cats are both awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  38. dogs are way better then cats because I’m allergic to cats and dogs are way more awesome and way cutter and because I’m going to get one after my trip. I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  39. I can’t really decide because I’ve been doing research on dogs for 3 years
    and I’ve had cats all my life. Although I must admit with cats you’re more like
    their staff than their owner ^_^

  40. Cats just run away and then you lose them so its no use having a cat.
    Dogs obey all of your commands and play with you.

    So whats your opinion a cat or dog. (DOG OF COURSE)

  41. DOGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    dogs rule!!!

  42. Definitely DOGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!dogs are awesome especially TONY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dogs are the most awesome in the whole world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. My favourite dog is a schnauzer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. i really think dogs cause they play with you
    and they don’t scratch you when you don’t give them food

  45. Cats are the bestest felines ever, so all you pooch people, another reasonable human being has joined the epicest side in the biggest battle ever!!!!!!!!!! P.S. I love kitties.

  46. DOGS!

  47. dog way better cats scratch and hiss and are a real pain and guess what you guys? I MIGHT BE COMING HOME AT THE END OF THE MONTH I’M SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!! 😀

  48. this win is totally going to the dogs!! so “cats rock!!!” people be ready to lose!!!! >:D

  49. DOGS!!!! way better although one pet that would really be cool is a dancing ant!!!!!!!

  50. Dogs are so cute, even if they bark, scratch floors, or jump on you, they’re still so cute!

  51. Isaac (Ms. Skakun)

    Dogs are so epic because ….a.? I have no idea?… I got it , [lightbulb]
    They are so cute and they are fun to be with! 🙂

    By Isaac dubstep yugioh dragon ball z adventure time!

  52. Both 🐶🐈

  53. CATS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHO DOES NOT LIKE CATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. cats!!!!!!!!!! my cat is the best cat in the world she is sooooo awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  55. I think dogs are better because: petting a dog is healthy, dogs are heros, also dogs are fun because you can them on walks. Another good reason is that you can teach a dog tricks but cats are very independent and spend most of their time sleeping.

  56. Cats, are much better, more athletic, more cuddly, more sweet then dogs. Ever heard of a cat that rescued someone from a fire? No? Well, cats do. Also, despite what many dog brained people say, cats do sometimes like water, and many wild cats swim. And how about we start on their flexibility now? For starters, a cats collarbone does not connect to anything, allowing their shoulders to move more freely. And another thing is that their legs are double jointed. Actually. They can bend their legs in either forward or backward. Also, scientists did a test, and its results showed that the frequency of a cats purr helps people with broken bones heal faster. And many smaller wild cats are endangered because people desire them for pets because of their sweet temperament. So all you dog brained people that think dogs are better than cats can go home and feed their dog. Wait, I forgot the fact: how do you know that your dogs love for you isn’t just a longing for more of the treats that you keep hidden in the cupboard? And this actually concludes my long long list of reasons of why cars are so, so, so, so, much better than dogs. Thank you.

  57. Dogs are best pets ever because unlike cats you can play with them more then a cat. Such as playing fetch and tug-a-war and so many more. They are also very protective I used to have a dog but he died a few months ago and he would chase bears away if they got too close to my dad’s lodge he would get really close up to their face and bark and growl very noble animals. He did that even though he was afraid of my hamsters. While cats on the other hand aren’t so noble.

  58. More reasons why cats are better than dogs: You can toilet train a cat so that they do their business in one spot, but on the other hand, dogs make mess all over the grass that you spent hours cutting and edging. And dogs don’t spent hours licking themselves like cats do. So cats are cleaner then dogs. And I think that I have listed most of the reasons that I know, so yeah. And remember folks, cats are better than dogs!!!!!

  59. Two more things stating that cats rule over dogs is that: Cats don’t stick their noses in your face begging to be walked. Dogs, on the other hand, do. Cats do not walk around your house barking. Dogs do. Cats do not need to be taken on walks. They walk themselves.

  60. Some more reasons why cats are better than dogs:
    A cats highest leap can reach up to five times its height, but nobody has ever bothered to record the results of a dogs high jump. It just isn’t worth it. Also: A cat can and does experience the same emotions that humans do daily. Dogs do to, but theirs are mostly longing. For the treats that you keep hidden in the cupboard. And the third and best reason………………………………………. Oh, I hope Thea reads THIS…………….. CATS ARE THE NUMBER ONE PET IN NORTH AMERICA!!!!!!!!! HA!!!

  61. Go dogs go dogs go dogs dogs are better because you can train them and they listen to you. I don’t even know why you would want a cat.all they do is wander barely ever even see them. The only reason to get a cat is to laugh at them for being lazy (if it’s a house cat.)
    And with that,I finish.


  63. Do you know why people don’t say cat breath? Because cats don’t smell bad, that’s why. On the other hand, dogs are putrid!!!! Wet dog was studied, and the results show it to be one of the worst smells ever. People say DOG breath, not cat breath. HA!!!!!

  64. Cats are better than dogs. End of story.

  65. Cats are so much better then dogs. Really. A cat will climb on to your lap and purr. A dog? A dog will lie on the couch and bark if you don’t feed it. Cats are way easier to care for then dogs. Also, if you drop a cat off of a building, it will land on it’s feet. If you drop a dog, it will fall like a rock and make a whole new crater.

  66. Cats are way better because they are more cuddly and cute.🐱😄

  67. DOGS are smelly👃 and they bark😖 and you have to pick up their poop💩

    CATS are cute and cuddly🐱 and they purr(wich is adorable)😮❤ and are easier to take care of😌

  68. Cats are better than dogs because they are easier to take care of!🐱

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