Facts from under the sea

Did you know that all squid are see through?

Did you know that exactly eight days after a full moon, all the coral in all the reefs release billions of tiny egg sacks that float away and grow into coral and start reefs?

Did you know that the Stone fish’s attack takes 0.05 seconds?

These facts are all from Paige. Do you have some you’d like to add? Send ’em on!

25 responses

  1. did you know that jfk was the only American president to have won the pulitzer prize?

  2. Barn owls usually die in their first year of life and some only live to be two years old in the wild, but not all.

    In North America the oldest known barn owl lived to be eleven years and six months old in the wild. In Holland a barn owl lived to be seventeen years and ten months old in the wild.

    In England a female captive barn owl was retired from breeding at twenty-five years old!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. The Great Depression started by people thinking they were poor, and then when the stock market crashed, everyone tried to save money, and almost everyone got really poor, for real.

  4. Did you know that Wayne Gretzky scored one goal in his first season of minor hockey and then THREE-HUNDRED AND SIX in his second? In his first year he cried his eyes out because he was the only one on the team who didn’t get a trophy. In a tournament one year they got a silver medal and everybody said, “Good job”, except Wayne’s dad. He said it was gold or nothing. No wonder Wayne did so good in the NHL. 😛 🙂 😦

  5. Did you know that there really is such thing as the Colossal Squid? Did you know that the Colossal Squid’s eyes are the size of dinner plates?! Or did you know that it’s maximum size is 14 feet long?!

  6. Did you know that some
    dog shelters everytime they get
    a dog they have to put down a dog
    and in March an animal
    shelter had to put 600 dogs

  7. By the way if
    you dont know
    what put down means
    it means make it go to sleep
    for Life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Hello we need more comments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Did you know that you can eat stinging nettle?

  10. Did you know that there is a fish called a isopod that looks exactly like a rolly polly or wood bug that you find in your backyards? And did you know that isopods at the bottom of the ocean?

  11. Did you know that some people eat guinea pigs? (For food)

  12. did you know that 80% of your body is water

  13. id you know that camels can survive a while without any water.Ha! Beat that Dylan!!

  14. hi did you know that dinosaures live up to 30000 years old

  15. Did you know that there is a crab that climbs trees or a crab that is as big or bigger than a human?? ITS TRUE

  16. Hey Khalil I have an even better one! Galapagos Giant turtles can survive without water for up to a YEAR!!

  17. But only around 1% of them survive there first year…….Its sad.

  18. But the ones that do live can live 100 years or longer.(yes I’m syill talking about the tortoises oops! I acidently said turtles in the first post I did silly me)

  19. Rebecca!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Did ye know that when the pencil was invented, the eraser didn’t get onto the pencil after a long time?

  20. Sophie and Jasmine

    Did you know that people around the world are really cool? There are amazing people in Italy, Poland, Canada and Germany and many more. For example, the way to say Hello, My name is Sophie and this is my friend Jasmine, in German you would say: Guten Tag, mein name ist Sophie und das ist maine freund Jasmine. PS This was all written by Jasmine and the German was translated by Sophie.

  21. Brynn, this is honestly better. Seal pups learn how to swim 1 hour after birth. BEAT THAT!!! 🙂

  22. Well Marine Igaunas can stay under water for up to an hour!beat that Anna!:) 😉 :0

  23. I have a good joke to What has wheels and flys? 🙂 😉 A Garbage truck! get it?

  24. I think I need to read some Reports all these are very great! 🙂

    Brynn Happily waiting for reports to be done

  25. Did you know that King Henry the 8th had six wives and be-headed two of them? He created a new religion so that he could divorce his 1st wife, and he then married Anne Boelynn, his 2nd wife. After that, he wanted a new wife so he blamed Anne Boelynn for a crime that she never did, and cut off her head. His 3rd wife died while giving birth to his son Prince Edward (who became King when he was 8 years old, and since he was too young to make real decisions, Sir William Marshal Earl of Pembroke helped him rule.) He divorced his 4th, be-headed the 5th and King Henry the 8th died after he married his 6th wife. Tada!

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