What should the next debate question be?

We’re looking for fresh ideas for debate topics!

Do you have one (or three)?

Come on, post ’em here!!

15 responses

  1. I think the debate topic should be:

    Should kids go to school or should they not? If they should, what age should it go up to?

  2. if we should be able to drive at ten

  3. what do you think?

    What is better, the t.v. or the computer?

  4. Which is better, potato chips or cookies?

  5. I think the next debate topic should be, do you need a licence to have a pet?

  6. Which is better
    apples or oranges

  7. which is softer
    buildabears or webkinz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Which is better? Fruitloops or Rice krispies?

  9. Which smells better? Tulips or roses?

  10. which is more popular
    pikapoos or pokemon

  11. who is better ronaldo or rooney??

  12. What is more common to say soccer or football?

  13. which book is better warriors or bone???

  14. Which sport is better baseball or hockey????

  15. Warriors is pretty good and so is Bone but I like Warriors Because I Love animals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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