Recommended By You: GAMES

Bored? Why not play a game!
No ideas for what to play?
Try these suggestions!
They’ve come from experts – other kids!

While you’re at it – What’s YOUR favorite game (real or virtual)?
Share here.

Click “comments” to add your best gaming ideas – or-
to check out some fresh ideas!

32 responses

  1. Flash Games:

    Bloons Tower Defence 3

    Super Stacker 2

    Music Catch


  2. Can they be computer games? If they can, here are some:




  3. canyon defense

    Dune buggy

    Sky wire 1, 2

  4. Here are some flash games:
    wpnfire phospher beta,
    frantic the last stand
    and lots more

  5. A note to Momo:

    Yes! Computer games, recess games, board games, Flash games, singing games, skipping games, game games, ANY games..

    Add ’em all!!

  6. I totally agree
    with MOMO but how
    about miniclip
    and more science games

  7. sbcg4ap for wii
    kirby superstar ultra for DS
    sonic unleashed for wii
    thrillville for x box
    halo wars for x box 360
    kingdom hearts for PS2
    katamari damaci for PS2
    super smash bros brawl for wii
    crash bandicoot the wrath of cortex for x box

  8. wone 2, mind games, adventure games, action games and racing games

  9. Okay. Heres a board game for once. APPLES TO APPLES. It’s SO fun.
    And for video games, The Simpsons “Road Rage”. Also another video game is “Prince of Persia”.

  10. NHL2K9, NBA09 LiveAll-Play,
    The Bigs, Rock Band one and two.
    😛 🙂 😦

  11. Poptropica is a good game I think.

  12. Ooh and also Guitar Here World tour:D

  13. it’s fun!!!! 😉

  14. Pool Rocks!
    Andkon (flash game website) It Rocks!
    The Original Zelda Games 🙂

  15. For Board Game Monopoly^)^

  16. Also “Clue” is fun too^_^

  17. Fun online flash games:

    Platform Racing 2


    Mario Dressup

  18. Jane Chadweick

    Our family’s favourite board games/card games include…
    Apples to Apples (hilarious)
    Settlers Of Catan (geat for strategy)
    Frog Juice
    Dungeons and Dragons ( of course)
    and of course Star Wars Trivial Pursuit (but I can whoop anyone at that…)

  19. sadly i HAVE NO BOARD GAMES! 😉

  20. halo 3 call of duty 5 and burnout paridise now those are games! ! ! !

  21. Guitar Here World tour

  22. i mean say it’s a really good game, a really good game – super smash bros brawl

  23. Wait, what about of!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Try i-dressup

  25. RAT A TAT CAT is a great card game!!!!!!!!

  26. a good game is grand theft auto

  27. a good webste full of the best games is friv

  28. the best game is Little Big Planet and I like Skywire too!
    P.S. I’ve made it past all the levels!!(go me!!!)

  29. Monopoly (cards not cash Monopoly), Snakes and Ladders, Chutes and Ladders, Chess, Twister, Checkers, and more MONOPOLY 😉

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