Homework: March 2

Students are just beginning work on our next major project – creating individual, original, kid-made Science experiments! So far we have discussed the difference between questions that you can look up in a book (or the Internet) for an answer and questions where you have to do something to find the answer. We brainstormed hundreds of possible questions.

Next, each student made a list of twenty of their own questions, narrowed that list down to four and then selected one question as the possible one for their project. We then played with the questions, imagining hypotheses and adding details.

Tonight for homework each student has been asked to complete a worksheet called “The Prediction Generator” where they will formally decide on the hypothesis for their proposed question. You son or daughter may need help with this worksheet!

FYI – Our next step is to complete a detailed plan for the experiment (Using a form I call “The Experiment Inventor”). Once I “sign off” on that form, the students will be allowed to bring in to class the supplies they need to start their experiments. I anticipate this will happen the week after Spring Break.

A fun project, to be sure!