The 2009 EMJS Spring Fair is coming

A note from the PAC:

“The 2009 EMJS Spring Fair is May 29th at Richmond School from 5:00 – 8:00pm. Everyone Welcome – this is a wonderful event for our school community and is equally enjoyed by our children, teachers, parents, grandparents, neighbours, and friends. We are keeping the same system of $10.00 per family (hand stamp to participate in all events. This is an outdoor event but we will have the school gym available for washroom access – the rest of the school will be closed. This is also a green event – we will compost and recycle everything.

We need you to work with (talk) your teacher/class to select an activity form the list below that your class would be responsible for that evening. This includes supplies, set-up and take down. Keep it as simple as possible. The activities are first come first serve and the deadline is May 04 – please register your activity at to designate the activity for your division. Once you have your activity instructions will follow – any assistance required will be provided by PAC – requests to Carol Hyland at

Activities: 1) First event – Bike Parade (children decorate their bikes and bike around both fields) Ribbons or prizes for best decorated bike, etc. 2) Food Table – Pizza this year (delivered) Take money and hand-out 3) Drinks Table – Juice, milk, and Coffee Take money and hand out 4) Bouncy Dragon – Supervise entrance and exit 5) Raffle – baskets of goodies – sell tickets 6) Obstacle course 7) Three legged Race 8) Water balloon toss 9) Skipping or hula hoop station 10) Cup cake walk – collect cup cakes and manage 11) Bike obstacle course 12) Karaoke station 13) Book Sale 14) Suggestions – please put your idea forward.

Send all questions to Carol at by May 04.

Thanks to everyone – even the smallest of tasks – will all add up to make this a huge event for our children.”