What are your ideas for an end-of-year field trip?

You must have a few!  Here’s the place to brainstorm & share ’em.
Hopefully we’ll get some great field trip ideas – and get to go on one of them in the last week of school!

A few brainstorming guidelines:
– Safety first!
– Your idea has to fit within the hours of a school day.
– Not to far away please (We have to be able to get there without having to rent a bus – and the trip there and back shouldn’t be too darn long!)
– Gotta be fun!!!

Go for it – what are your best ideas?

23 responses

  1. BC ROYAL MUSEUM!!!!! Then we can watch a movie at I Max!!!Also we can play inside up stairs!!!!!!!!! Let’s go there!

  2. Ya the museum sounds fun. THEY ALSO HAVE A NEW EXIBIT AND IMAX.

  3. elk or beaver lake!!!!!! 🙂 😛 😉

  4. To a Victoria seals baseball game

  5. Willows Beach

  6. all of those field trips sound lame =[ sorry but the museum Really? P A I N T B A L L IS THE WAY TO GO!

  7. GO TO A FAIR speaking of Fairs i went on salt and pepper today and the zipper zero graity twice and the big wheel thing! and i lol I ate some mini donuts!

  8. Willow’s Beach!

  9. Wherever they are filming New Moon!!!!!!!

  10. LAZER TAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Let’s go see a movie!

    Or new moon filming!!!!!!!

  13. watching movie or going to the beach?

  14. Beach, or movie, maybe museum

  15. Lazer tag

  16. We could go to the beach or we could have a volunteer and we could all go there house and have a huge party!!!!!!!! We could also do lazer tag,( I think that would be fun for everyone,) or we could have a few houses and we could go from house to house having partys!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. who is NADIA!!! Show yourself!!!

  18. TO the IMAX to see UP!!!!

  19. lazer tag No way”!!! Lets go to the Shooting range! or da petin zoo

  20. No lazer Tag, No lazer Tag, No lazer!

  21. I think laser tag or the museum i mean come on they have an Imax

  22. Really? A museum? Kids wanna have fun – not get lectured on the past.

  23. Hey! The museum is awesome! How dare you say that! We never got an end of the year field trip when I was in Mr. T’s class – you guys must be pretty awesome to get that special privilege! 😉

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