“Drawing History Into Today”

As we are near the end of our amazing Arts/Social Studies class project – to make a graphic novel containing vignettes of early Canadian history – we are asking students are to give feedback on the project:

* What did you like best about it?
* What are some of the things you learned from the project?
* What could be improved?
* If we were to do this project again, what would you suggest?
* Anything else you’d like to add?
To all of Mr. T’s students:
Please post a comment here. Thanks!

19 responses

  1. I liked doing this project because it was fun just to draw your story, not just writing it. I also liked using the professional art supplies and

  2. I liked the creativity in it from both teacher and student.I learned all the steps of cartooning and how stressful it is.I think it could be improved by not having waiting to put in galleries so quickly.I think next time we could choose our topic

  3. I liked drawing the best and I would like to do it again

  4. I liked being able to use all of the inking tools. i liked learning about all of the stages that the cartoons went through before we were able to complete the project. its a fun way to learn about Canada’s history. I think that every thing was well organized, and thought through well. I also thing that there should have been smaller groups of people working together, but gave us more time to work on it.
    thank you for letting us do this prodject, it was very fun.

  5. I think it was a great. I got to learn about how to make cartoons and inking. The teacher made it very fun. And Helped us improve our art skills. And look at art in a whole new way. It was the best THING EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I like penning the cartoons that was awsome!! I learned the steps it takes to do a cartoon, how to take care of cartooning tools and how careful have to be when drawing. We could agree more often, get work done faster. We could make our shading better and we could make our drawing better. I would do a cartoon about a story in my life. NO, I would not like to add anything else.

  7. I liked um… writing i guess. It was a lot of fun.Thank you MR.T and SUSAN for helping us to do this fun project!!!1


  9. I thought it was a great idea to have a professional cartoonist come in and then allow kids to do it themselves, and then ink it and all that COOL stuff!!! anyways, if you ever do it again,you shouldn’t change anything.

  10. I really enjoyed this project and I encourage doing it with other classes. I especially enjoyed learning how to ink and shade. Though perhaps next time the people who made should take the pens and all the inking equipment away when we are not using it. Everybody seemed very careless with them. Perhaps they should lend them to people who are responsible and aren’t using the equipment for selfish things. I learned a lot about professional cartooning I think many people have great talents for cartooning in our class. I would rather like to decide on my own educational topic rather than picking out of a certain collection.

  11. I liked how to learn draw more professionally.

  12. I really enjoyed it and I had lots of fun! I really liked working with Susan but it was HARD!!!!!!☺

  13. It is hard to draw under pressure and work in a group.
    I did learn just a little about the explorers because we had to discuss them all the time.
    It was a hard project.
    If I did this again I would like to work alone and use my own characters and ideas.

  14. I liked the creativity and the sketching part.. It was well thought through. I learned how to shade. I think I need to improve on my skills on how to do shadows and shading. I think we should have had a later deadline…three words…STRESSFUL AND PRESSURING!!!!!!!! (there’s the word “and”.) I think we should be able to choose our topics (even though we picked our minor topics…example: rubber duckies team did COLUMBUS… they CHOSE it.) and if we don’t want to… you choose it for us.
    Other than that… IT WAS A GREAT EXPERIENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would recommend it to everyone! I would totally do it again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Comment by: THE AWESOME SARAH (Hi Isabel and MoMo) :-D:):):):):):):):):):):):P:):):D:):):P:D:):):D:P

  15. I think the project was very fun i
    learned how to do inking and i also
    learned strategies to help me when im
    cartooning and i think the project
    pushed us to our limits since our
    cartoons might be in the public
    library and i think susan was a
    really good cartooning teacher
    anyways the project was AAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWEEEEEEEESSSSSOOOOOOMMMMMMME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. i like cartooning because i know how to do inking, and drawing pannels and other kinds of stuff. also i like to work on teams

  17. I like the cartooning because i liked doing the drawing,inking and shading.

  18. I think the cartooning was fun!!!!!!!

    What I liked:
    I liked haviing a real cartoonist come in and I liked learning about the inking and stuff!

    Why I liked it:
    Well DUH! it’s ART!

    The bad bits:
    We didn’t work well together at first and didn’t get things done that quick:(

    By the way I just want to thank Sarah, Jack and Charlie!

  19. This project was so much fun- everyone did such a great job- it is difficult to choose which com is my fave! The book will be ready soon- very soon- awesome!! I will miss all of you!! Maybe some of you I will see next year- grade fivers- good luck in middle school!! And remember- you can send comics to comic island and I will publish them for you (as webcomics).
    Comic Island is “http://comicisland.blogspot.com”

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