What should we name our class play?

The class has worked collaboratively to write an original 16 page play.  We finished the final team edit today and are now ready to begin working on its performance, but we don’t have a name for the play yet.

Share your best ideas!!

13 responses

  1. the L.E.

  2. 1.the wacky adventures of an elf
    2.the story about a dream
    3.when i worked at a dream factory
    4.when a lonley elf got big headed

  3. Sarah says: I think it should be “dreams gone wacky”!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I SAY “The Surprise Party”

  5. If i knew what this was yet I would say “THE STOP GO HAMSTERS”



  8. we are going to have a play:-):-):-) yaaaayy!!!!!!!!

  9. i would name it ”THE HOBBITT TREE” a classic comedy

  10. i think we should call the play :why my homework mystyriosly dissapeard

  11. What Play??? I wasn’t here on monday or is it the one we just did at the rememberance day Assembly?

  12. oh and also it should be named t.t.t terrific tweens in training

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