The Great Car Design Contest

Take recycled or used materials,  some knowledge of simple machines and a ramp and what do you have? The ingredients to make a gravity powered car no bigger than a shoe!  Here’s what this year’s grade four and five students designed.

We launched them down the ramp and measured how far they went.  It was great fun!

What do you think of them?

15 responses

  1. Go Ours!!! It’s the 5th one!!

    P,S:Hi MR.Toleikis!!! IT’s Summer!!!

  2. mr.T I liked 4 cars number 2 4 5 7.I like lego.But they are really cool.

  3. they are cool!

  4. those cars are awesome 😀

  5. WOW. I think that the car that has the mouse with the Lego man is pretty cool. Who won? 😀 They are REALLY COOL. :0

  6. WoW theese cars are verry creative
    all of them have there own special design to the car !!!!!!!!

  7. Ben Johannknecht

    Those cars are awesome. Good work. I am so inspired by them I can’t wait to make my own.

  8. Those cars are awesome!

  9. I like the piggy!

  10. Cool! Every car has it’s own creative idea to it.All of them would have won if the contest was to make a creative car.All of them are cool but my favorite was number 5.

  11. These cars are awesome!!!!! and very creative.

  12. Who Won??

  13. BraedenKhalilDylan

    Braeden: I like #7 it looks really cool
    Dylan I looooove number seven it rocks!! Go #7!
    Khalil says: Number seven has the equivalent of 4 number 6’s!!! Yah! 🙂 😦 😉 😀

  14. All of them are so AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

  15. I love the number 5 car!!
    It’s so epic!

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