What are the ingredients for the “Perfect School”?

What makes learning in school fun – and meaningful – for you and your friends?  The answer could be imaginative, impractical, futurist, realistic, silly or serious…

What IS the “perfect school”?  Think about what you might learn & how you could learn it. Consider the building, the learning “tools”, the playground, the teachers…whatever!

Just what would your dream school be like?

Come on, join in!  Just click “Leave a comment”.


40 responses

  1. my dream school would be a school made out of different kinds of foods.

  2. i think the perfect school would be……. a school that has the same subjects because knowing your stuff for a job you need to know what your doing or you’ll get fired.but maybe have a little more time for recess and luch. An it would be really cool if the school had like a swimming pool in it,and a hot tub. An that would be pretty much my perfect school 🙂

  3. The perfect school would be made out of ice and you would learn hockey and the teachers would be robots and it would be on Pluto so the ice would not melt and the playground is a big pool.

  4. A school in the middle of the Geat Barrier Reef made out of glass, except for the bathrooms. It would be a marine school and you would learn about marine life. You would learn to SCUBA dive in gym class.There would be aquariums in every classroom. You would learn about fish, coral, parasites, plankton, reproduction and Math, like charting things.

  5. The perfect school would be a castle with a bunch of spikes on it. It would have a moat that would be a swimming pool with sharks in it. You would have helmets that you’d wear for about a minute and they’d teach you everything you would have to know, like math, science, spelling and anything else. The teachers would be robots, because robots are nice. In one room there would be a teleporter that could teleport you anywhere in the world for recess, which is all day. Another room would morph into whatever your wanted it to be, for example, a paint-balling room. That would be my idea of a perfect school.

  6. my school would be made flowers and bumble bees that dont sting.hee hee.

  7. the perfect school is school that is made out of 1000$ bills that are rain proof some how and people would be able to take the money from the walls and the teachers would teach you normally but you would get massage when you work and thats the dream school.

  8. i think a perfict shcool will be if we have are own little room and that we get to do gym and art a lot of it and that the shcool is made out of cottan candy and there is flotting desks and chairs,and that the shcool is glow in the dark . THE END !!

  9. I wish that the school would teach the students outside when it is a nice day. I also wish that have people that would always would help you with your work. I think that to have a perfect school is to have a field that is really really big. Most of all I think that it should also have a lot of sports and activities!!

  10. My dream school would be made of colorful bricks.And each class got a pet hamster.And there were different doors for the subjects that you wanted to do.The playground was mad out of wood.And the teachers were really nice and they made it fun to learn.And We could watch a movie once and a while.And the desk chairs were made out of pillows.And the floor was heated.And littering was not aloud.There was a bright green feild.This would be my dream school.

  11. I think that the perfect school is one that gives you free lego.

  12. It would switch into whatever you needed.

  13. I think that the perfect school would be if we all had our own little room’s to do our work in and we had our own computer’s to do our work in.Also if we went to a stair case you could go there and you would be in a country you you want to be and the only subjects were art and gym!

  14. a school with wide open areas with plants and a swimming pool and a big gym.

    a school with a bridge from the primary section to the older kids section.

    a school with a cafeteria that served chinese food and chicken wings for lunch.

  15. I would like my school to have air conditioning a pool, jungle gym trampoline, fun park, Afrikca. Also a TV andwhen you open a door you go to a different place or planet. I’d like a kids lounge and a teachers lounge and the kids get food from a restaurant. The kids get to stay in a luxury hotel for one night.

  16. I wish that the entire school was made out of chocolate. The playground is made of chocolate, the soap in the washroom is chocolate syrup and chocolate milkshakes come out of the drinking fountains. When you get hungry you just take bite out of a wall.

    We would learn all the same subjects we would in normal school. If students are well behaved, they get the rewarding golden chocolate.

    The school’s motto would be: “Be good, be respectful and don’t eat too much chocolate.”

  17. this is what I think is a perfect school.It has normal techers with a helmet that make you learn and it takes about one minute to do.It also has a normal school biulding.Thats what I think is a perfect scool.

  18. In the perfect school you would have a machine that could take you anywhere on feild trips. For example if you were learning about space you could visit all the different planets. The teachers wouln’t teache spelling and there would be no homework. The playground would have a huge climbing tree in the middle of it.The building would be a ginormas climbing wall on the outside.There would be candy trees on the playground.Lunch recess would be 2 Hours long so you would have time to have more fun and exercise!

  19. A school with nice teachers and a school that had no gravity but somehow it had oxegen inside it! Also we would get to have P.E. every day!we would go to mt washington.

    Nick C.

  20. lauren macpherson

    the perfect school to me would be a dome shaped school andevery room would lead to a different place in the world.and the mascot would be a carran terrier (it’s a dog). and you would only have to go to school three times a week and you would have to were a uniform every day.

  21. Find out how computer games are made from a Local Software Company. Write a play on our grade five class. A human for a teacher we would have a computerized robot teacher. There would be a restaurant in the school. The school would look like a large space ship.

  22. My dream school is that we will learn stuff in a fun.

  23. My perfect school would be a your own seperate
    study hall for everyone that you could study in. The outside of the study halls would be…….
    An ice rink for the floor, a room were you could tire teacher’s out so there wouldn’t be any school, a pool, a hot tub and waterslides that you could use everyday at lunch; this school would have lunch monitoring, a theatre, a large library with all the latest novels, a Twilight club, a dessert club and a tennis club. There would be hypo-allergenic pets in every room! Pillows for naps, an hour to eat lunch, a cafeteria serving sushi and K.D. and 24 hour dessert menu!
    A recording and music room would be available and Mr. T as a teacher for all!
    Yay! That would be my perfect school!

  24. The desks would made of chocolate.The pencils could talk and could write for you. Recess would be 3hrs and lunch would be 5hrs. The school would huver over MT.Washington. Every day we would snow boding/skiing.

  25. my dream school would have a paintball field for p.e.The cafeteria would be made out of food.For history instead of reading a history book you could teleport back in time and visit people to ask questions.The hallways are trampolines and the gym would have a foam pit.the library has climbing walls leading up to the books.Leonardo Davinci would teach art class.Marianas trench teaches band.And ron james would be the principal. -T

  26. If the school had an A&W. I like burgers..

  27. My perfect school would have a pool with water slides all over. Instead of gym, we would do gymnastics everyday. Outside there would be a trampoline, monkey bars and a concession stand. We would come in school wheever we wanted; it had to be at least 3.5 days per week. The rooms would be huge in a dome shape.

  28. My idea is school that is made out of wall that is hard and stiff.
    Because when EARTHQUAKE happens we are safe in
    here and there will be swimming pools in any room.
    Because wall is hard.
    If we stamp the foot, it will not hear the stamping.
    Because the wall is too thick for sound to travel.

  29. A perfect school is any school with Mr.T as my teacher!!!!!! 😉

  30. is our next hoomework gonna be on here or on a sheet????? 🙂

  31. You’ll have to wait and see!! 🙂

  32. Hi everyone welcome to Mr.Ts class. A perfect school just needs a fun teacher. Like Mr.T.

  33. The perfect school would have a chocolate fountain in every classroom. And the school would be made out of flowers.

  34. I agree with Jacob.

  35. Hi everyone and welcome to MR.TS Class!!

    A Perfect school just need your friends and

    a nice teacher!!

  36. My perfect school would be any one with Mr.T. He is the best teacher ever!!!!!!!

    P.S.(For those of you who don’t know me,
    I was in Mr.T’s class last year. Hi Mr.T!!!!!!!)

  37. my perfect school would be having alot of manga and anime like naruto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. the perfect school would have computers, TV’s wii’s, DS’s etc. that would be one awesome school!

  39. the perfect school has water fountains with ice cold water you get to chew gum in class vending machines with the ultimate playground with zip lines and swings and slides and a trampolin and it has cushy chairs with awesome desks with a flip over top with a computer inside with a touch screen and the whole class gets Ipad’s and you can download anything you want on them now that would be an epic school!!!

  40. Riding your skateboards scooters and bikes on school grounds

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