Some reminders & Homework for Sept.28

The homework tonight is to complete questions # 4 and 5 on the “Lesson One” spelling words worksheet – There will be a test on these words on Friday. (Note: Last week the TOC had the class study and test the “Lesson Two” words)


* Pizza Day forms were due on Monday. If anyone still wants to bring them in, perhaps the office will still accept them on Tuesday.
* Scholastic book orders will be accepted ’til Wednesday.

* Soon there will be a SS test (It has not been “officially” announced yet – It will be officially announced a week before the test date.)  Today the class reviewed their worksheets and were instructed to highlight items on the sheets that will likely be on this first big test of the school year.  These sheets are in the students’ ring binders.  Wise students might consider starting to study now!