Olympic Torch News!

We now have the location where we’ll be holding EMJS’s two 20 ft. kid-made banners to welcome the Olympic Torch to Oak Bay Ave  – and it’s a good one!

One banner will be held in front of Starbucks.  The other will be held directly across the avenue in front of Fairways. We’re near the stage, which will  be set up on the Municipal Hall lawn.  That’s where the torch bearer will shake hands with the mayor.

Students have a handout from the municipality in their Agenda books about the street party that will be held on Oak Bay Ave. that day and evening. Activities include music, road hockey, tattoos, face painting, hot chocolate, popcorn and a chance to have your picture taken with a former Olympian.

The excitement for this historic celebration is growing.  Looks like it’s going to be an amazing community event!!  See you at 5:15 pm on Oct. 30th – at “our spot”!