Math Challenge!

The challenge is – to be able to accurately recall all of the 3 times table multiplication facts – in 30 seconds!  The expectation is that all students will be able to do this by Friday.

Today students were quizzed on the 3 times table (from 1 x 3 to 3 x 12).  The results of this quiz should be in their homework book.

Students were given a few blank fact cards, asked to select five facts to study from their quiz and then directed to write these facts on their cards (They were told to take these cards home).

Over the next few days, after they can recall all five facts – quickly and accurately – they add one new fact to the pile.  They continue practicing all of the cards, and add a new one when they’ve learned all the others – until they have they all!

We will have practice times at school but the majority of students will also need to spend 10 to 15 minutes each day practicing their facts at home.  We demonstrated a quick practice method in class today.  Students are encouraged to use this method when they practice at home.

NOTE:  Every week a new times table challenge will be introduced – up to the nine times table.

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