Chapter One of the “Vacation Project” due!

It’s due tomorrow.

This week students learned how to take notes and organize them.  Then they learned how to turn point-form notes into paragraphs that had a beginning sentence, supporting sentences and a “clincher” or ending sentence.

Using the multitude of book resources from the public library and some time on the internet, students were given at least an hour a day to build their chapter.  Students who finished their chapter drafts quickly enough had them proofread by the teacher.

The students have been told that:
– The good copy of Chapter One should be at least four single-spaced pages long.
– It should include the sub-topics: Introduction, Resources, People, Plants and Animals, Physical Features, Climate and History (and more if students want).
– It should be titled “Chapter One – Description”. E sub-topic should have a heading.
– There is no need for a cover (yet!).

Students have  a choice on how to present their project:
* Rough copy: handwritten – Good copy printed or typed (by the student)
* Rough copy: handwritten – Good copy handwritten
* Rough copy: printed – Good copy handwritten
(The idea here is to balance the need for some some pragmatic handwriting practice with the work of doing all that hand writing.)

DUE Wednesday: Chapter Two – The Vacation itinerary