Info about our Camp Thunderbird field trip

It’s gonna be fun!

The details:
– It’s happening Monday morning.
– The bus leaves at 8am, so kids should get to EMJS around 7:45am.
– It’s suggested that kids wear “sensible” shoes (suitable for walking in the forest), a sun hat and sunglasses, and, clothing for hot or cool and or wet weather (hard to predict which it’ll be!).
– The camp doesn’t supply food or drink, so kids should bring a snack (or two), a lunch and enough drinks to get them through the day.
– No electronics – but other things to entertain during the bus ride are fine!
– We should be back at the school around 5pm.

Finally – A special thank you to Tom’s dad and Sarah B.’s dad for volunteering to come along for the day.  (Maybe we can get them into a canoe!)

The good copy of the research report – in a clear cover duotang is due Wednesday….