21st Century Learning?

How will we learn in the 21st century?
What would school, your classroom (or even teachers) look like?
What do we need to learn to live well in the future?

And how could we invent “future learning”?

I want your ideas…
Be bold! imaginative! Be inventive!
Join our conversation, now!

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54 responses

  1. In the future, there will be teachers that taught in your mind. You would ask a question in your head so that you would not be embarrassed about the question, but you could still have it answered. If you wanted anything at all, all you would do is think that you wanted it and some magic thing would get it for you. It would only help you in helpful ways. If you didn’t want it to do something, you would just think, STOP. To move from one place to another, all you would have to do would be to get on a skateboard type device and all you would do is think ” I want to go home” and it would bring you there no matter how far it was. If you wanted to go to Mexico, all you would have to do is pack your bags, put them underneath the skateboard type device and you would think, “I want to go to Mexico” and you would be there in no time at all. There would be no agendas. Instead, you would have mini computer. You would type up your homework and send it to the teacher. You would be able to choose what your homework would be. It would have to be a writing topic, or just a fun topic. It would be like middle school, but elementary…

  2. I think the future will have in school robots or some machine to help you.Cars that pollute to much will be banned. bikes will have the ability to fly.Teloportation will be possible and People will have a Station to go to if the need to teloport like the sky train station in Vancover and maybe cars will fly too!

    By Brynn

  3. In the future, I see classrooms being totally different than they are today. I think pencils and paper will be replaced with computers at every desk. These computers are not only for school but also have all your homework downloaded on them. You would bring the computer home each day, do your homework, and then return the computer to your teacher the next day.

    Schools would be more high tech than they are today. There would still be playgrounds and gyms because kids need exercise. We would still need to learn about fire drills and earthquake drills.

  4. You would be able to choose what subjects you wanted to do everyday. You could just choose to have a really fun playground and if you wanted to change it at any time, you could just think, “I want a new playground” and it would change before your eyes into an even better playground than the last one… The classrooms would look like the inside of a ball with wallpaper and there would be a whiteboard at the front. There would also be desks that would fold out into a desk with a seat. They would be green, and different colours on the inside. You could have anything you wanted in your desk, and it could never be messy… If it was messy, the computer brain would clean it all up for you. Your teacher would look like a normal person, but to everybody, they would look different… If your dream teacher was a boy, you would have a man teacher. If you wanted a girl, it would be a girl. Your dream classroom, your dream teacher and your dream transportation would become real…

  5. Ben Johannknecht

    I think we will learn with microchips in our heads. I think it will be important because the information will come to you right away. I think our teachers could be robots but humans would be better. We need cars to run on battery so that we can live better. c Communication with my teacher is important to me.

  6. The future could have many possibility’s. Teachers could be holograms (image recordings on a panel). People might have gone farther into space then ever before. The schools could be floating in the air and to get there you have to teleport.
    There could be aliens and united planets. Humans could have evolved into people with tails and super senses.
    That is what I think the future might be like.

  7. Things I missed to say:
    in schools the kids would attach some wires to their head and the other end would be attached to your own personal robot friend that you create and he will tell you if you are right or wrong.

  8. I think that in the future there will be no teachers and everything will will be computerized and school would be on the computer and there wouldn’t be any cars because there are more cars than people and the whole world will be poulluted, AND EVERYTHING WILL BE ELECTRIC!!!

    By Dylan

  9. I think that in the future the school is like a computer. The students get to choose all the subjects and when it is recess the playground is always different each day of the week. Your desk would always be clean and if you dropped something, invisible hands would pick it up and put it back in your desk for you. All of the teachers would be funny and cool. Your dream School would become totally real…

    By Anja

  10. I think in the future there will be a TV with your teacher on the screen so they could teach you through a TV but it drops out of the celing. You could also turn off the TV when the subjects you didn’t like were on. For recess you could play with a friend because then after recess they could watch from your TV as well. So as far as grade five english teachers go in our school you could choose every morning a different teacher if you wanted to. Since you are in your bedroom, your bed could fold into a luxary hover desk so if you need to get something you could stay in your desk. If your teacher told you to go to the principal’s office you would have to actually go 32 miles on foot to the school….

  11. There would be magic pens to write down what you told them. The classroom would be whatever you wanted it to be like a circus or a zoo. When going outside, you could take out any animal in the world just to play with! You could play baseball with monkeys or play tag with a tiger. Reading books in the library would be different you would go into the book instead of reading it. You could see the story from your own eyes! Lockers would lead into a room you always wanted. There would be a place for everything. For lunch you would just imagine any type of food then BOOM it would be right in front of you! Whether it is a plain old sandwich to a king sized roast beef dinner you would get it all! Instead of going up stairs there would be lifts to take you up. Going down would be sliding on colourful slides. If you are trying to contact a friend then write a note fold like an airplane then it would go to that person even if they are on the third floor. Jungle gyms would be real jungles! With vines and big looming trees to go around even a big lake to swim in. Little elves would guide you to classes and assist you when needed. You could have the elf all to your self. That would be my future!!!!!!!

  12. I think that schools would be different, pencils would be like pens with a glowing tip, desks would be flat computers. Playgrounds would be huge for everyone to have fun. Everyone would have a pet robot animal. Buses would be able to fly to get to school. School would be in the air to build more houses because of population. At school there would be lots of rooms like 2 gyms 32 classrooms and 12 computer labs. Chalk boards would be computers too. School would be more fun to.

  13. In the 21st Century learning will bee dominated by technology in ways we don’t know yet. i imagen a world with mostly robots, almost licke star wars.

    The school will shiny and chrome, the class will be environmentaly frendly and the teachers may come thrue a computer moneter or be a robot.

    We need to learn how to create peace and harmney, to have a good life in the future.

    to invent future learning we haft to work together and share idias.

    by Chelsea

  14. I think that in the future there will be no schools and that the computer is your education and the world will be over run by electricity and cars won’t exist because the world is polluted by all the gasoline and transportation would be bicycles and flying machines but people can still exercise daily to stay in fit. and that is what i think the future will be like

    By Dylan

  15. I think that in the future everyone will have a computer that reads your mind.We will not type…we will think.They will work on soler power,so that they are green.There will be no pens or pencils.No paper or notebooks,just a computer that reads your mind……

  16. In the 21st century I think there will be 4 students per class. At home every thing will be the same. there will be a big variety of jobs. there will be lots of gyms and mabye just mabye people would have a home theater.

  17. I think that at school in the future it will have robot teachers and the robot teachers would each have their own personal talking stool. The learning would be singing acting and dancing and writing down music instead of words. All of the students would have different electric pencils. At recess the students would make the playground do whatever they wanted them to do. There would be no such thing as pollution and no television or computers or cars. Everyone would be happy and there would be no such thing as stealing.

    By Alaina

  18. I think the Twenty First century will have more advanced technology.Every desk would have metal arms. The metal arms would grab out anything you needed when ever you needed it. If you needed a pencil the metal arms would give the pencil to you where ever you are.The teachers would be robots that know every thing.They would give you anything you wanted when ever you wanted it.The robot teacher would only give you what ever you wanted between eight forty -five and nine. But between nine and three the robot makes you learn,learn ,learn.That is what I think about the twenty first century.

  19. I think in the future that there will be no schools or teachers. They will have nanobots that are in your body, which will carry information about everything. You will still have to go out and learn see and do things.

  20. I think that in the future the classrooms will be way fancier than the classrooms that we have now. People will be more educated about way more stuff. Due to changes of the earth, we will not be using paper that has not been recycled. We will still have computers but not use them as often as now. We will not have tv’s, no video games, we will not have laptops or any source of electronics because we don’t want to damage our earth by using too much electricity.

    We will not be using pencils anymore. We will only use pens because pencils are made out of wood and that means that we will run out of wood if we make too many pencils for too many kids for too many schools. Most of the time we won’t be writing at all we will usually type our reports on our computers for a limited time.

  21. In the 21st century I think there will be no teachers. There will be chips you put into a pad and a 3D image would pop up and you can talk to it. It will ask you question. Cars will be able to fly and people will have wings. People will be able to live on other planets. Cars will be able to go way faster to get you to school.

  22. Like Mr.T said in class I think wires will connect to certain parts of your brain, so you just think a little, and the machine will think the same thing, and then it will give you a list of answers or the one answer. Say 3×3=?, so just think a little, then it gives you the answer. 9. And school would be like a dream. You could choose whatever you wanted all day. (at least some work thuogh) and instead of computers, there would be ipads keep DREAMING!!!….

  23. I think there would be fake animals [robots] that you could disect instead of using real ones so that less animals would die.Paper Money would be no more it will all be little plastic coins so we would save paper and so money would be more portable.There will be all sorts of Robots that can gaurd your money like fake dogs that can lock there jaws so once they have started to bite they hold on till you scream and you can not hold them because they have the heaviest metal of all in there belly.There will be a small ball that can talk and knows the future so it can tell you anything about the future.

  24. In the futer I think everybody will have their own private robot to serve him or her whatever they need.The kids will learn in their sleep while being hooked up on a computer.In the morning the children will wake up and will think they always knew this piece of info they learned during the night.So because they learned during the night they do not have to learn during the day.That means NO MORE SCHOOL!!!!!!!
    PS: I think that in the future someone will invent a mashine that can make you fly….

  25. In the future, you would get to school using a flying car. The school would be floating in mid air because the landfill by then would of gotten so full that the whole world would be covered in it. The classrooms would have machines doing every day chores for the classrooms. Some of these robots would be teaching robots. Each kid would have there own teaching robot and there own classroom with all the necessary equipment. You would have the same robot all your life. This would be a faster way to teach because the teacher would only be focused on 1 student. If you were lucky you might get a teacher with a little humor programmed into it. Then if you misbehaved then you would receive an electric shock. Recess would just mean that you got to draw or read for a few minuets. I think that this is possible.

  26. I think in the future the students in every school will have a touch screen computer to do their work on or you could talk into it. The teacher would email your assignments. To get to school we would have flying skateboards with jets on the back. The playgrounds would be high tech and shiny and have and we would have rocket shoes. Instead of going to the gym for assemblies, you would stay in class and watch the assembly on our computers and sit in big soft chairs. I wish it would be like in the future!!!

  27. I wish it would be like this in the future!!!

  28. I think in the future there will be robots to tell you answers and stuff like that. There will also be more computerized technology than you will ever think. There will be candy poppers, a toy that pops candy into your mouth when the teacher isn’t looking for instance. There will be a thing that gives teachers candy apples that are bottomless,too. I think there will be some very cool things in 20 years.

  29. In the future there will be iphone6’s and everyone will have there will be hovercrafts and no food. All you will need will be a food pill because there is all the nourishment we need to survive. Instead of writing talk to the computer and it will type whatever you say.
    And kids would get to do science experiments in grade 1!!!!!


  30. I think the in the future the schools would be floating in the air and the only way to get there would be by giant bouncing rabbits.The teachers would have lanterns on the top of thier heads at all times so they could see in the dark.The desks would actually be bears and if you droped somthing a robot would come out of nowhere and say “I think you droped somthing”and would pick “whatever it was” up and hand it to you.If there was a fire or a earthquake you go out of the school on racing hedgehogs.Instead of pencils and pens we would use ballet slippers.Instead of back packs we would have koalas and instead of lunchkits lizards.

  31. I meant to say that our lunchkits would be lizards.

  32. I think that in the future there will be built in screens on desks. When the students sit down, a built in weight sensor activates and the screen pops up. the students will put on a mind reading hat. A speaker will start teaching the students. On the screen will either be blank or have an electronic worksheet. The work sheet is fully controlled by mind. To type you just think of what your going to type. Everything you type goes to a checking system. The system gives the results the next day.

  33. Im going to love the future.!!!!!

  34. I forgot to mention: We may be able to learn during our sleep and have robots that help us doing whatever we want. But if we children want to have the best jobs and acquire more skills then we would need to go to a special school. In this school the children will teach each other subjects and hobbies in their own way: immaginative, creative, crazy, messy, loud, full of jokes and without manners… wouldn’t that be great?!

  35. In the future I think the teachers will be robot aliens. You will ride jet shoes to school. You will write with lego pens. Your school will be made with lego and your desk are out of lego. The fields are made out of electricity. The playgrounds are chocolate.

  36. I am impressed with all of the ideas I have read here by the new students in Mr. T’s class. I think in the future there will be a combination of the different ideas that are posted above. I imagine there will be major advancements in technology to aid in teaching, learning and transportation. I can also foresee changes to benefit our planet earth such as pencils made of bamboo which is one of the fastest growing plants in the world. I think the recycling that we do now at Margaret Jenkins School is just the beginning of what we can do to save our planet. Maybe instead of ever increasing landfills we can create a way to use garbage and waste to make fuel or electricity. I like the idea of using solar power.

  37. I think the furture will have huge robot dogs
    covered with plants. So if you got one you would have a personal forest. It would be awesome!

  38. alexander davies

    In the future I think schools would be a hologram so you can take the school with you where ever you go. the desk would have a screen for writing,drawing etc. there will be a big platform outside that can change into a field,ice rink,soccer field,playground,etc. The teachers would teach at home by a hologram phone that go’s to school!

  39. Thank You Ms. Skakun!

  40. The future could only be like this if everyone helped out so come on write a comment to make people more interested, especially Mr J’s class. So come on! Join the fun in http://www.theworldisaclassroom.com. You can also see other things too!

  41. To Mr J’s class: tell this place to all of you classmates!

  42. Thank you Mr.T for being such a great teacher!!!!! You are the best teacher I ever had!!!!!!!!!!

    From: Benjamin Clarke

  43. I also think trees will be blue

  44. Wow what great ideas and I was glad to see that many of you have concerns for our environment. I think we will continue to see advancements in technology, I would like to some blackboards replaced with touch screen monitors to bring the classroom alive. I think we need to be aware of how much energy we use maybe we could have solar panels on the roof of our school or look at using wind power, could we put wind turbines out in Gonzales bay to generate power?

  45. my cuosin thinks the blog is cool!!!

  46. i also think cats will look like dogs and dogs will look like cats

  47. So does my mom!

  48. Ameoba is a genus of protozoan

  49. I think there will be pools and microsoft games 2052. And the only reason I wrote this down is because it is the 50th comment!! By th way, how do you do smiley faces on the computer?

  50. Sarah Brougham(Grade 5 last year)

    Hey everyone! Mr.T is great!!!

  51. Sofia(Former student)

    Hey everybody! I’m in grade 7 now, and I think Mr.T was one of my best teachers!

  52. Hans (former student)

    I’m in grade 8 now and I’m not even in school district 61!

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