If you could invent a crazy machine…

What would it be able to do? What would it look like?
Here’s Anja’s homework machine…
What’s your idea for a fantastic invention?

What kind of machine would you invent?

16 responses

  1. Nice work Anja

  2. What does it do to your homework?

  3. amazing job!

  4. My machine works so that you put your original homework into the slot of the machine which causes the homework into the assignment you would like to do. For example a fun crossword puzzle, a drawing assignment, a jumble of words and anything else that you would like to do. And if you don’t want to do any homework at all, the machine that writes your assignment would just write a note that says the teacher doesn’t want you to do any homework at all.


  5. Nice, I wish I had one of those…..

  6. that is such a amazing picture Anja!!!!! I’m going to draw a machine right now!!!!!

    I sent this at 9:20 Oct.2 Sat. just before my soccer game!!!!

  7. That is pretty neat Anja!

  8. Wow! Cool! Thats nice but how does it work? What types of Homework does it do? Math? Science? Spelling? All types?

  9. It’s awsome! I want it to do my homework.

  10. that is awesome how does it work

  11. 🙂 nice work . it looks really cool.

  12. i like it;-) is this winking if not:-( if so:-)!!!!!!!

  13. really neat Anja!

  14. 🙂 😦 😉 😀 Good work!!!! Looks awesome!

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