Homework: Oct 14th

Tonight’s homework:
Prepare for tomorrow’s tests!

– For tonight, please do both Wednesday and Thursday’s activities.
– “Back Spelling” – Write each word on the child’s back, one letter at a time. Have your child say each letter out loud, then the whole word. If correct, you give the word to the child to put under the correct header. Set incorrect words aside and redo at the end.
– “Writing Sort” – As you call out the words in random order your child should write them in categories. Call out any words your child misspells a second or even third time.

Our first spelling test for Words Their Way is tomorrow. Students will need to spell the words correctly and put them into the right columns in order to get a correct mark.

– Students should try to teach someone at home the science concepts they have learned in preparation for the test tomorrow. Find a little brother, an aunt, a friend, a mom/dad… someone to share this information with! Teaching is an effective way to learn! Go over the study guide.

Study hard!
Miss Stevenson