Homework: Oct. 21

Another great week already done! I can’t believe it!

Tonight’s homework:

– Make up 5 “Addition With Decimals” math questions and answer them. How many digits should the questions have? Up to you. Do what you feel most comfortable and confident doing. Challenge yourself to come up with interesting questions (you may even want to do word questions). I will use some of the questions on an upcoming math test.

Also, tell someone at home what your favourite school activity was this week. Was it the colour wheels? Music? School Wide Write? Gym?

Have a great long weekend! See you Monday!
Miss Stevenson

2 responses

  1. I like browsing your site for the reason that you can constantly get us fresh and cool things, I think that I ought to at least say thanks for your hard work.

    – Henry

  2. thanks miss Stevenson see you soon!

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