The Great Car Design Contest #2

To celebrate the completion of our Science unit on Simple Machines, the class will be working in teams of three to invent a gravity-driven car!

The cars will be made only of recycled or used materials and can be no bigger than an ordinary desk ruler. When the “contest” day comes the cars will be launched down a ramp and we’ll measure how far they go! The class will be challenged to use what they learned about friction, simple machines, etc. to try to make their cars travel far.

Here are some examples of cars made for our first “Great Car Design” contest:

6 responses

  1. Hi Mr.T. Georgia and I are thinking about making a car that is really light and has the same amount of weight in the front and the back. I think that it would be really good if we had that.

  2. BraedenKhalilDylan

    The cars went pretty far everyone did a good job but some had more thought and effort into it. 😀

  3. I like that!!!!! 😀

  4. that is a great idea!!!!!!!!!!! you guys are so smart!!!!!!!

  5. My shoe didn’t work… Only after the contest it worked perfectly… 😦

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