A letter from the future? (Homework: Dec 8)

On Friday the students will be asked in class to write a letter to themselves from the future.  They will be imagining that they are 25 and doing their “dream job”.  In the letter they will be offering advice to themselves today about what they need to do to achieve  their dream job.

So, what is the homework tonight?
1.) To imagine what that dream job might be.
2.) To “research” the things they might need to do to get to that job (e.g. Talk to an expert in that field, gain special skills, take certain courses,  volunteer in that field, build up experience, etc. etc.)
BTW – “Research” could mean talking to parents, searching on the web, reading, talking to someone who is doing that job now, etc.
3.)  To write a point form list of the things they need to do to get that dream job.

This homework is for tonight and tomorrow night. The in-class letter writing assignment will be on Friday.