Six Student-Made Claymations. June, 2011. Wow!

Enjoy and share!

The Hobbitt Tree

The Turtle that Found a Heart

The Story of 2 Cats and a Mouse

Candy Vs. Fruits

The Punk Rockers

Sammy and Fuzzy in Japan

11 responses

  1. These are amazing. I wish we had enough time when i was in your class to make one. But we did make some pretty amazing videos that won some pretty neat prizes. Good Job everyone!

  2. These are fantastic. The story of 2 cats and a mouse is so creepy! The Hobbit Tree’s claymation is pretty complex- I like the gurney. Gosh, I wish I could be in your class… Susan Abrill 🙂
    (Editor’s note: Susan was the cartoonist who volunteered her time to work with us on the graphic novel we made last year.)

  3. Awesome work! So great to see you bring (what you learned at our workshop) into your classroom. Thanks for sharing.

    Mark. (From “Reel Youth”)

  4. The Hobbitt tree is really good!!!
    I liked how it had sound.
    Keep up the great work!!!

  5. I agree the sound was cool!!! But why is it called the hobbit tree????????
    anyways good job guys:]

  6. HA HA the punk rockers is awesome!!!:]

  7. Thanks for posting the claymations Mr.T I’ve been looking forward to watching them all Summer!

  8. The music made out of dry cleaners was awsome!!

  9. You guys should check out two cats and a mouse!

  10. I like the punk rockers the best! (Although that is the one that I did) 😉

  11. i really like the hobbit tree its kind of funny how the mom is just like ok see ya later after her son broke his arm and is being taken away in a strecher!!! i can’t wait to do this with mr.T if we ever get the chance 😉

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