How to help with the upcoming SS test – and a Math Quiz was handed back

The class today estimated how much time they needed at home to study for Wednesday’s SS test. After collecting and averaging their estimates, we determined that the class felt that an average of 3.5 hours of studying (between now and Wed.) was needed.

Students were then challenged to each decide how much total study time they needed. There are six days until the test (including the weekend). Students divided their individual totals by six and then mapped out a daily study plan in their Agenda books.

Students were asked to record in their Agenda books how much they actually study each night, and then to compare that to their estimates.

All of this is in aide of helping the class to learn how to plan to achieve a goal!

A special heads up – the results of a small Place Value Quiz were handed back today. Students were asked to put these quizzes in their homework duo-tang too. If a student had a score of 50% or less, they were given a practice workbook to do at home – and the chance to re-take the test next week!