Cows and a Car

11 responses

  1. super cool eli :]

  2. i really like the adventure trapped in an iphone it’s really cool i wonder how long it would take to make that oh and if you want another really cool video go to youtube and type in dog riding a bike and get the one with the dalmation and then you can see a dalmation riding a radio flyer bike aroun the parking lot of a grocery store

  3. I think it’s really cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I wonder how long it took Amelia to write that coment? :-]

  5. Totaly funny!!!

  6. That would be funny if the cows acccidently steped on the rc car

  7. I like the Rollin’ Stones!!

  8. Brynn (former student of Mr.T)

    How the cows are looking at the car is Sooo Funny!!

  9. moooooooooooooo

  10. Amelia, you’re right – that dog riding a bike video is really funny and amazing!

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