Time to practice those multiplication facts!

Soon we will be working on long form multiplication. Quick and accurate recall of the times facts (from the two to the nine times table) are an essential foundation for this math skill. We will be practicing these facts in class, but it highly recommended that students also practice their times facts every day, for ten minutes or so.

To give you an idea of the facts most in need of practicing by your child, I have sent home a times fact “pre-test” students were given in September. Using this pre-test, you should be better able to determine which facts your child most needs to practice, and/or whether he or she need to improve speed.

The pre-test should be located as the last page in the homework duotang! It was given out yesterday.

I anticipate that we will be beginning work on long form multiplication in about three weeks.

HINT: In the right sidebar of this blog is the category “Math Stuff” . There you will find links to a number of online games that help students to practice facts with a bit a fun!