Announcing – A new long-term project!

What is it? Students will be taking a “vacation” to a province or territory of their choice – and – all of the grade five English and French classes are taking part!! The whole project is due December 13. On December 14th, in the gym, all of the students will gather to celebrate their return with a cornucopia of diverse presentations.

The guidelines for this exciting project were handed out yesterday. You should find them in your child’s Social Studies duotang. Students are expected to work in this project at home as well as in class. The project is in three parts – Planning the Vacation, Going on the Vacation, and Returning from it. During the first part of the project (Planning), students will learn about their province or territory, decide where they would like to travel, plan an itinerary and then make a map of their vacation plans. All of this material will be in a four to six page booklet that each student will make.

They began the first steps toward making this booklet today. To help students gather notes while they learn about their province or territory, I helped them organize a system for taking their notes and gave a brief lesson on how to take a point-form note. You should also find this in your child’s SS duotang. In the coming days students will be doing research to get the information they need to write their books. They will use material I have in the classroom, the computers we have in the room and the school library.

In order for them to have all the research materials they will need for this project, I am asking each child to go to the public library before Friday, take out a few books on their province or territory and bring those books to school. I am also asking that each child have their own personal library card for this project. (As well as believing that all students of this age should have a personal library card, I think that promoting this sort of independence is a good thing to do in preparation for Middle School.)

Tonight students were asked to go on to our classroom blog, search the websites that were on the right sidebar (under “Canadian Vacation Resources”), find at least five facts about their province and territory, and then write them (point-from) in their SS duotang. Students who did not have access to a computer tonight were assured they would be able to do this in class tomorrow.

And so we begin!!!