Homework: Nov 15

The class has been reading, as a group, the novel “My Side of the Mountain”. Usually I read it aloud and the class follows in their copy. Sometimes other students read aloud to us as well. The homework today is to complete the first ten questions on the worksheet about this novel. The key part of the homework is for the students to identify where in the book they found their answers. This was explained thoroughly in class and students were reminded, twice, to take home their copies of the novel.

Now that the deadline has passed for completing Part One of the “Vacation Project”, the class has begin Part Two. This involves creating postcards and finding, making or inventing “souvenirs” from their trip!

Finally, we have begun to work on long form multiplication. Thanks to all the parents who supported their kids in learning their times facts. We practiced in class daily, but I can see that the extra practice at home has ready helped them!

(PS It’s good to be back from having the flu!)