A large package of tests and work samples was handed out today.

Students were asked to put them in their homework duotangs. What was handed out?

* A Times Facts test.
Students were also given this same test in September. The September mark was noted on this November test so that results could be compared. The great majority of students improved from September!

* A Social Studies test.

* A Science test.

* Samples of math quizzes.
Skills included things such as identifying decimal place value, ordering decimals, subtracting large numbers with carrying, multiplying a two digit number by a one digit number, etc.

* A sample of writing.
Students were asked to imagine what career they would like to have 20 years from now and to write a letter back in time to today. The letter was to give “advice” to their current self so that they are able to achieve their dream career. This assignment came after our four lesson mini-course on “Business Basics” offered by two volunteers from Junior Achievement.

This represents the third collection of quizzes and/or work samples that have been handed back to the class over the term.

Although it sometimes means a delay in getting certain test results back, I’m hoping that “packages” of work samples and/or quizzes are more likely to get home than an occasional individual assignment sample or quiz. A collection of material also provides a better “snapshot” of work done within that time period.

Keep an eye on the blog for more postings about work done by students. For example, I’m planning to soon post photos of art work by students. This week we had an artist visit and the work that inspired was amazing. That, and more, will be highlighted!