Class Party Update

The class discussed the idea of a “Secret Santa” gift exchange for the party next Friday afternoon.
They voted to:
– Either use “secret code” names or their own names
– Indicate on their “secret code” name tag whether they were a boy or girl
– Have a gift limit of $6 to $10 (not including tax)

I made it very, very clear that this was an optional activity and children who didn’t want to participate, for whatever reason, did not have too – and that folks who didn’t want to do Secret Santa were still very welcome to join in all the other party activities on the day.

I also asked the class to be sure they are involved in picking and/or wrapping of presents. I didn’t want this to be yet another task for parents in this already busy season.

So, the idea is to go with the fun part of this and not too get carried away with the gift part. Gifts can come to the classroom anytime, up to next Friday. They should be wrapped and tagged “From Santa” to “(the secret code name)”.

The kids gave me their code names today and then picked someone else’s code name out a box. I must say that by the end of the afternoon most kids had figured out who had what code name!

On the topic of food – we decided to bring something for desert or drinks next Friday. Kids will all bring their lunches as usual on that day. Again, I’ve asked the kids to help with the buying, making and/or preparing of the food. BTW – Kids do not have to bring enough for the whole class, a plate of something, a dozen cookies, a bottle or two of pop is just fine.

And so the excitement builds…..