Research Report update

Students received a sheet of “Writing Guidelines” to help them when creating the draft and good copies of their reports.  They’ve also received today a timeline of tasks and when they are due.  Both of these need initialing by parents, just to let parents know what is being expected.  FYI – the good copy of the report is due March 30th – so this really is a long term project!  The distant deadline is, though, is actually because of the way Spring Break is structured this year.   Students needed enough time to write their good reports without having to feel they had to work on it over Spring Break.(This was explained to them today.)

As well, the students used their outlines to lay the foundation of the organization of their notes.   See their report duotangs to discover how this was done.  Finally, students received instruction, samples and practice in how to write notes based on what they have read.  Basically, they were coached to read a paragraph (or even a sentence), look up, think about what they remember about what they just read, and then write that thought as the note.  The idea that they are not “human photocopiers” is being stressed again and again.

Students were very pleased to finally be able to begin taking notes on their topics.  They were asked to take some notes tonight (or at least to go to the library to get some materials so they have something to take notes from tomorrow) .

PS – Please remind your child to bring their research duotang to school and home again every day!

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