Today the class worked to estimate how long it might take to do all of the jobs needed to complete their DRAFT report, from gathering research materials, to taking notes and making the cover page and illustrations, to finally writing and then proofreading the draft report.  They then totaled all of the estimates and calculated a class average.  The average estimate was that taking their reports to the draft stage would take about 42 hours of work all told!

Using their Agenda books, they then started to make a daily after school work plan for getting their notes done by Feb 8th, the due date for completing the notes.  They attempted to add when they would go to the library to get books, when and how long they would take notes on the days they choose to take notes, and any other after school events they knew about.  Some of the students said they weren’t sure what after school events their families had planned, so tonight the homework for the class was to ask their parents what after school activities might be being planned between now and Feb. 7th.

Of course, as well as time at home (including the Pro-D day and some time on the weekends) students will be given time every day to work on their reports in class!

Check out your child’s Agenda book to see the work plan he or she has started…..