* There is an SS test coming up for this Thursday. Students received a study guide for this at the end of the day. They were asked to put it in their SS duotang and take it home for completing. If they have finished the two worksheets on the Chapter Two readings (handed out over the last two weeks) they should have no problem completing the study guide!

* Every day since the project was announced, students have received a block of time (and often two) to work on their research reports. Most students are on track to complete their draft research report by the due date (a few have already completed their drafts and handed them in). A few, however, have still not yet completed their notes (though the deadline for notes has passed). Unless they missed work days due to illness, students who have not yet finished their notes MUST have them done by Monday morning. (That only leaves five days to turn their notes into the draft report!)

* Finally, there will be no spelling test next week!

BTW – At day end the class was asked to take out their Agenda books and add all of this info to it!