Hooray – We have a field trip coming up!!

Students were delighted to learn that all of the grade five and grade four/five classes will be going to the Oak Bay Recreation Centre Friday morning for a fun skating session! We will walk to and from the Centre, leaving at 9:45 am and returning at 12:00 pm.  The entrance fee for each student is $3.00.  Skate rental is free.  All children MUST have a helmet.  They will not be allowed on the ice without one.

We need at least 2 adult supervisors to help our class out!  If you can walk with with the class (to and/or fro) AND are able to skate with us, please email Mr T. (A link to Mr T’s email is on the right sidebar of this blog).  This is legal requirement in order for our class to participate in this experience.  Thank you!

Permission forms for this field trip were handed out on Friday.  They need to be returned to the school before a student can participate.  If a student does not have a form, one can be picked up at the office during the week (The office will be open at the usual times from Monday to Friday).

Please note: No child at EMJS will be denied access to this field trip due to an inability to pay.  Please contact the school principal if finances are an issue and a solution will be worked out.  Of course, your privacy will be respected.

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