Student work for Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday

On Friday, in an effort to ensure students keep up with some of their work, the class was assigned a number of jobs for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Students were asked to write these assignments in their Agenda books, but in case they didn’t, here is a list of their tasks.

* Study for Thursday’s Weather Science test.

* Complete the Spelling worksheet for the week and prepare for Friday’s test on the words.

* Work on the good copy of the research report (Please note: All draft reports were handed back to the students on Friday, but not all were proofread by me.  Some students will need to do further careful proofreading while they prepare the good copy of the research report).

* Last week students were given three opportunities to read and answer the news articles in the February edition of “News of the World”.  If they have not finished reading and answering those four articles, they must finish that work.

* If the student received an “Extra Practice” booklet in long division and/or long multiplication, that should be completed too.

* Some students also have yet to completed the “banner” advertising their report (They will know what this is!) – those students will need to finish their banners.  The students who were not done were given extra long paper for this assignment.

P.S. Other work normally assigned (i.e. in Math, Social Studies and Reading) will be completed in class.