Research Reports & Spring Break

The good copy of the Research Report (which includes the cover page, table of contents, introduction, body of the report body, illustrations, summary and bibliography) is due March 30th.  That date was selected to allow students time to finish their good copy after they return from Spring Break.  After Spring Break they will have a period or two every day in class to work on the good copy.  As well, other homework assignments will be reduced.

The point is – there is absolutely no expectation that students should work on the report over Spring Break.  They deserve a holiday!  If some choose to do research report work then, that’s fine – but it’s a personal choice for them.

BTW – A typed single spaced page of a report is equal to two hand written single spaced report pages (assuming it has been typed following the “Writing Guidelines” that were handed out some time ago).  So, a 20 page written report will be considered the same size as a 10 page typed report.

Finally, if at all possible, the final copy of the report should be in a duotang with a clear cover.


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