Beautiful Beasts!

8 responses

  1. it is not like the brain one

  2. Alaina Trodden

    Haha. Mr.T remember last year. The whole class singing “Ode To The Brain”. That is the best song ever!

  3. Hi Mr T. I remember symphony of science in fact just this year one of the teachers showed us another one!! We decided to show them symphony of science but it wasn’t really on topic!! The brain one is better. You should post it. ( Unless you have already shown it to a majority of people )

  4. Yeah i agree with Alaina!!!! That was soooooo funny. I also like the song Mars (also from Symphony of Science).

  5. I remember “Ode to the Brain”……. Hey Mr. T!!. 🙂

  6. I love that! It’s catchy and eductional at the same time!

  7. Cool!
    It’s fun too, but I like the brain one better!

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