Happy Un-Birthday….soon!

In September, the class voted to wait to celebrate all of our birthdays until April 1st (a day when no one in the class actually has a birthday). That way people who have birthdays over the summer or holidays get to celebrate their birthdays with the class, for once!

But, April 1st is a Sunday you say. Was Mr. T playing an April Fool’s joke? Of course not! The party will be at lunch (and probably recess too) on Monday, April 2nd. Students have been asked to bring a birthday-themed dessert treat for about a dozen on Monday. They should also bring a regular lunch for themselves!

Should be a fun Monday!!

PS A few people did bring food into class on their birthdays anyway. That’s just fine. They can elect to not bring food on Monday (since they already did), or, they can bring something else on Monday – it’s their choice.

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