What the heck are “Expert Presentations”?

They’re a fun way for the kids to show something new about themselves to the rest of the class. Five to ten minutes long, and not meant to involve much pre-preparation, they are more like “Show N Tell” for big kids.

It’s been explained to students that they might share a vacation they went on (or will go on), demonstrate a new skill they’ve learned, present a cookie recipe (with cookies!?), sing a song, teach a game, play an instrument, read from a favorite book, show a sport skill, tell some jokes, juggle, present something from a collection they have, etc. etc. etc.

I’ve been talking this up with the class for a few weeks now. It’s not being marked, so the kids have been encouraged to do something fun for our last week!

Their “presentations” are on Monday and Tuesday. Should be a blast!

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