Math test results

Two marked math tests were handed out today – one on place value and one on rounding (each grade were given problems suitable to their level). Students were told to put the tests in their homework duotangs, so that parents can see them.

Students who earned less than satisfactory grades were given the opportunity to take a re-test and try to improve their grade!

These students were given extra practice workbooks to be completed on their own time (in and/or out of class). Once they have completed the workbook they are eligible to take a re-test. The workbooks are not optional.

Although they must do them on their own time, assistance will be available in class, should they need it!

It is anticipated that that many students will use the extra time available tomorrow to work to prepare for the re-test.

We have now moved on to a new unit in math – large number addition with carrying (and in the case of the grade fives, addition with decimals as well).

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