Bill Nye & Simple Machines – The Lever


13 responses

  1. Cool! interesting facts

  2. Very Interesting!

  3. That video was super educational 😉

  4. that was so cool and interesting

  5. That was a good video. I liked the big catapult best.

  6. Cool interesting stuff!

  7. I like it cool experiment I tried it and I hit a lamp!

  8. Awesome, I liked the big lever.

  9. Thanks for posting the Bill Nye The Science Guy video, Mr. T.

    It helps to see the levers in action.


  11. I like the piano getting flung into the air.

  12. So cool and educational!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. i liked the catapault to and bill is awesome i always love his videos especially the one on valcanos

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