Odds ‘N Sods

* Simple Machines Science Test#2 is tomorrow.

* A spelling list was handed out for homework today.  15 minutes was given to the class to work on it during school so that students had more time available to study Science tonight.

* Since it is a four day week for the students, the spelling test will be on Thursday.  There will be no “Mock” spelling test this week.

* In preparation for an upcoming unit on long form multiplication, the class has begun practising their times facts in class.  It is strongly recommended that all students practice their time facts at home every day for at least 10 minutes as well.  This is a foundation skill for doing long form multiplication and division well.  We are focusing on speed as well as accuracy.

* An invitation to attend a pre-report card parent/teacher meeting has been sent out with the students today.  They were directed to put it into the plastic sleeve in their school agenda.

* Before we went home, students were reminded to take home their homework duotang, Science duotang and test study guide.

* We are still collecting Scholastic book orders for the month.

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