This is hard to believe….

Just keep watching…

This is called an “Anamorphic Illusion“.

10 responses

  1. Woah!!!! That was so cool I think I have an idea of how it worked but I’m not sure my idea is the right one. The cat was cute!

  2. Woah!! That’s So Cool!! 😀

  3. anamorphic-cat LOL! 🙂

  4. That was so cool!!! And so cute!!!

  5. All of the objects were actually pieces of paper!!! That is hard to believe!

  6. I agree with Jason but there was a shadow…

  7. Confused!!!!!!!

  8. Check out the linked sentence below the video. The info there may clarify things for you!

  9. We’d love to hear your idea!

  10. I agree with Alissa and Jason 🙂

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