What is reading like?

Why do we read?  What makes it fun? What makes it challenging?

Where do you read? When? Do you like to eat when you read, listen to music, pet your cat?

What’s your favourite book?  When was a time you really had a fun read?  What about when it was hard to read something?

Does reading only happen with book?  Do you like reading other stuff too?  Do you only read words, or can you read pictures…. movies….  landscapes…. or ……

And, hey – what’s the future of reading?  Will it still be happening in the future? If not, what would replace it?

Just what is reading like?  If you could compare the reading experience to something…. to what would you compare it?

The homework tonight is:

to think about these questions, and to answer the phrase: “Reading is like……”.

Then, illustrate this creative sentence with a handmade colour picture.

Do your best work and bring it in tomorrow!

3 responses

  1. Still giving lots of homework! But trust me, it makes grade 6 a piece of cake!

  2. Patricia Shuckburgh

    I think Matisse would have said, “Reading is like sitting on a blue and red striped deckchair on a multicoloured Persian carpet with wavy green wallpaper”.

    I wish I was in your class Mr. T. then I would paint the picture and you might
    give me an A plus!

    Hello, it’s me, Mrs. Shuckburgh. I was just watching the 5pm local news and I was SO proud of you all. I already knew you were such great readers – and now I hear you B.C. kids are 7th in the World. Wow!!

    Love to you all!
    Mrs. Sh. x

  3. Thanks for your comments, Mrs. Sh. the kids were thrilled to read them!

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