What is music?

What do you think music is, or isn’t?

Comment if you like.

9 responses

  1. To me, music is like a different language. You need to know what the notes mean, and how to play them.

  2. To me music is like a way to escape to a different universe…

  3. Music is basically listening to a rhythm with people saying words that match the songs rhythm.

  4. Ah-h-h, but then…. there’s melody, and harmony, and….

  5. I liked the video 

  6. It is a bunch of music.

  7. Yeah, but what kinda “stuff” is in that bunch?

  8. …I think music can be very enjoyable and if I close my eyes I can sometimes see colours or pictures with the music.

  9. Music is like a movie except for your ears it is exciting and then it is very relaxing.
    Sometimes there is even a moral…

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