About the “Secret Santa” gift exchange and our dessert potluck on Friday, Dec. 21

This notice went home on Thursday:

Mr. M’s class and Mr. T’s class have voted to share  a “Secret Santa” gift exchange! 

It will be on Friday, Dec. 21st.  Participation is optional.  Each student has made up a code name for themselves, and randomly drawn another student’s code name. By this Friday they will need to bring a wrapped and labeled gift for the name they have drawn.  The gift is not meant to be a joke gift, and should be worth around $6 to $8 (excluding tax).  The label should say ‘From Santa, To (Code Name)’. On the day of the gift exchange, students will try to guess the identity of the code name!  Again, students can choose if they wish to participate. It should be fun!”

We will also have a dessert/snacks/drinks potluck, just for our class, on Friday.  If they wish to participate, students should bring something to share on Friday as well (There’s no need to bring enough for the whole class BTW, a plateful or a dozen or so or whatever is just fine!

P.S. Please note that one of our students has an eggs allergy – please casually inform Mr T with a brief note if your treat has eggs in it.