Parents – Let’s win a pizza party for the class!

Our Class Rep, Beate (Alissa’s mum) asks:

“Please give some feedback to the school regarding the School Growth Plan…it takes just a minute. See the link below…
Maybe our kids can win a Pizza with the principal if we are fast in providing the information… however 100%? … Probably hard to achieve!”

The School PLanning Council adds:

“Please click on the link below and complete the very short survey. The school planning council values your input.  As an incentive, the first class with 100% return wins a pizza lunch with Mrs. Hardy!”

The link is HERE!

Parents, are you wondering about the contact list for the class that Beate has been compiling?  Well, so far we have information for only 15 students.  This is a great way for kids in the class, and parents, to be in touch.  Please think about emailing your contact info to Beate so that we can complete the list!

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