There is a Socials test on Thursday…. BUT

This is a test with a difference.  Here’s Why.
The class worked in teams to teach those chapters!
As each team taught, I coached the class to take notes on each chapter.  The teams even slowed down so that this could happen.
The teams also wrote their own “tests” on the chapter, which they “marked” and gave back to the students. It was explained numerous times to the class that as these tests were made and marked by the students, they would not count for real grades – but could be used as study guides.
So, for each chapter (I taught and tested chapters 1 and 2 BTW), each student should have notes, and kid-made (and marked) chapter tests – these are what they are to “study” for Thursday’s test.
BUT there is a lot of info in those notes and tests, so I explained to the class on Friday that the test will be “open book”, i.e. they can use their notes, chapter tests and textbooks for references when they take the test!
This whole unit was as much about the process of learning how to learn and teach, as it was about the content – after all the content for each chapter was selected by the kids!
It was a very cool experience for the kids, if I do say so myself
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